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Welcome to Selah Shelties

Welcome and thank you for visiting Selah Shelties. We are a small show kennel and breeder located on twelve acres in a small rural community in the 'thumb' of Michigan. We are conveniently located on a main road about one hour from Port Huron, Flint, and Saginaw respectively. We share our home with our dogs as they are considered part of the family.


Home of Selah Shelties Michigan

home of selah shelties
Home of Selah Shelties, Michigan

About us

We were in our thirties when we met in October 1995 through a casual circumstance. Our story begins that my John Deere lawn tractor needed repair and he was the service manager at the local JD dealership. My sheltie, Buddy, and I had just moved to the area in June. After a brief twenty three months we were wed August 1997. We have some fun memories of those early days together. Currently my husband and I have our careers, enjoy some hobbies, and share our lives with spoiled shelties.

Delena and Gene Taylor


We currently share our home with, love and enjoy, our beautiful companion shelties. Two of them are Dusty, our pet sable boy, and CarLee our pet tri-color girl, shown below.

Companion Shelties Dusty and CarLee

We have previously owned two show shelties, 'Shine' and 'Danza', who we no longer own. Besides Shine and Danza, we were looking forward to have 'Rebekah', a show prospect we had hoped to share our lives with, however due to a break down in our marriage, these show dogs are sadly no longer in our lives or our home. Although these Shelties are no longer in our home, you may read about these wonderful individuals on our “Our Shelties” page.

In October 2011, we said good bye to our 'honorary sheltie' who was actually our black Labrador retriever named 'Shelby'. She was raised with our first sheltie Buddy who was six at the time. After his passing, she paid the love forward by helping us raise Dusty. She was also six at the time. She was very close to both of them. Her love and gentle spirit is deeply missed.

Buddy and Shelby

Buddy and Shelby, 1999

Our Sheltie History

In the beginning I was not aware of a 'breed standard', breed specific health concerns, or the meaning of a 'reputable breeder'. Like most people, I grew up with various pet dogs and decided I just wanted a 'cute little lassie dog'. So, in 1990, I saw a roadside sign that read 'sheltie puppies for sale' and I stopped in.

Enter my first sheltie named Buddy. He quickly stole my heart and became the love of my life. I had truly found the breed that speaks to my heart. He was every body's 'buddy'. He had a full and enjoyable life even though, as we discovered, he had hip displaysia among other health concerns. Buddy lived to be 12 ½ years old. Buddy was truly a very special boy to us and to all who knew him.

Over the years my love of shelties lead me to an occasional dog show where I began seeing and learning the value of the 'sheltie breed standard' and the value of responsible breeding that could help minimize health issues. I also discovered friendships with many sheltie fanciers. Some who live near me. It was the friendship of Barbara and Ross Carrier of Jobar Shelties that started me on the path that I am on today. I am so grateful to them. In 2009, we became members with the Shetland Sheepdog Club of Greater Detroit (SSCGD), mainly to contribute by fostering rescued Shelties. Fostering Shelties was so rewarding, but little did I know how much more there was to experience in this Sheltie journey. Through the club and dog events I have met so many more sheltie fanciers and have been blessed to learn from their experience and knowledge including the ongoing mentorship from Sharon Schutte of Brynmere Shelties and Becky Bucata, also of Jobar Shelties. I also want to mention that I appreciate the numerous others who have taken the time to care and share along the way. You know who you are.



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Delena Matthews Taylor


Member of the Shetland Sheepdog Club of Greater Detroit since 2009

Member of the Shetland Sheepdog Club of Greater Detroit since 2009

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