Introducing Your New Dog To Other Dogs

Author: Patty Molloy
Publish Date: August 11, 2015

Bringing a new dog into a home is always an exciting time. It’s like adding a new family member or guest to the household.  However, introducing your new puppy to another dog in your household can be challenging.

According to the ASPCA,  it’s important to realize that your current dog, might feel similar to how you might feel if your parents picked your friends and then told you to share your toys with them. In the long run, things will probably work out fabulously, but in the beginning it’s a very smart idea to take a few extra steps to make everyone feel good about the new arrangement.

The ASPCA provides some guidelines for making smooth and safe introductions and ensuring that your dogs’ relationship gets off to a great start. Maximizing the potential for a great relationship between your new dog and your current dog is a two-step process. It involves the actual introduction and then management of the new dog in your home.

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