About Us

I fell in love with my first sheltie named Buddy in 1990. Later, in our thirties we met in October 1995 through a casual circumstance. Our story begins that my John Deere lawn tractor needed repair and he was the service manager at the local JD dealership. My sheltie, Buddy, and I had just moved to the area in June 1995. After a brief twenty three months we were wed August 1997. We have had some fun memories of those early days together. For many years my husband and I have had our careers, enjoyed some hobbies, and shared our lives with spoiled shelties. As of 2014 the marriage ended. Me and my shelties are living a new life that brings us joy and peace. I am grateful, enjoying each new day, and feeling blessed :-)


(Pictured below) I currently share my home with, love and enjoy, my beautiful shelties.  Two of my sheltie pals are Dusty,  my sable boy, and CarLee my pet tri-color girl, shown below. 2015 Update: My sweet boy, Dusty, went home to his Creator April 2015. My heart will never be the same without him. CarLee is now my 'senior' canine. Love her spunk!


(Pictured below) In October 2011, we said good bye to our 'honorary sheltie' who was actually our black Labrador retriever named 'Shelby'. She was raised with our first sheltie Buddy who was six at the time. After his passing, she paid the love forward by helping us raise Dusty (pictured above). She was very close to both of them. Her love and gentle spirit is deeply missed. Both Buddy and Shelby are pictured below.